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Judaism is the first monotheistic religion ever created. Jewish people believe in one single God, and that they are his Chosen People. They believe that the Torah, the first five books of the Hebrew Bible, is where God reveals himself to them.

The Hebrew Bible
The name given to the hebrew bible is the Tanakh. The Torah, Nevi'im, and Ketuvim all make up the Tanakh. The Tanakh tells the story of God's covenant with his people.
The first five books of the bible together make the Torah. Jews believe that these were first revealed to a man by the name of Moses. Moses was a man who helped the Jews escape slavery in Egypt, and enter the land that God promised for them. Through this fourty year journey, Moses attained the Ten Commandments, and the tablets containg the Torah.
The Nevi'im is known as the Prophets. The first half, the Former Prophets, teaches about morals and spirituality. the second half, the Latter Prophets, contains prophetic speeches. 
The 3rd part if the Hebrew bible is the Writings. This section contains historical stories, poetry, and words of wisdom.
Genesis, the first book of the Bible tells  about how God made an agreement with a man named Abraham. God said that as long as his people obeyed his laws, he would remain faithful to them. He also promised that Abraham would become the father of many nations. Abrahaam, with God's direction, left his home in Mesopotamia and traveled to the Promise Land. Abraham began to doubt the Lord's promise because at 10 years old he still had no children, but God allowed his 90 year old wife Sarah to bare a son named Isaac to fulfill his promise.
When Isaac was a young boy, God aske Abraham to sacrifice his son to test his obedience. Abraham began doing  as told, but God spared Isaac's life as a reward for Abraham's obedience.
Isaac then grew older and had a son by the name of Jacob.God later renamed him Israel, meaning Prince of God.
There are many stories about heroes in the Hebrew Bible. When God was angry at the world because of its wickedness, he chose one pure man and his family to repopulate the world after he destroyed it with a great flood. This man, Noah, was  instructed to build a great Ark and fill it with two of every kind of animal, and his family. Another man, David, sleighed a giant when he was only a young boy, and later became the King of Israel. Solomon, the wisest king, was davids son and successor. Israel was at its best under King Solomon.
The Anointed one, or the Messiah, is the man who will  get rid of all Israel's enemies, establish God's kingdom on Earth, and rule here forever. Th Jews are still awaiting their Messiah.

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